A marketing, print and fulfillment company that I do contract work with as requested. Lots of reformatting layouts, recreating logos from images and occasionally branding. I have worked with ASM since 2019 and have been happy to see work with clients on a more personal scale. 
During the pandemic a big spike of business for designers was wayfinding and sign design. With all the new rules and regulations it was important to create clear signs that used iconography to allow the message to be understood across language barriers. 
A large part of print based business and marketing strategies is still done in the mail industry. These are some postcards done to advertise for different business or services.
Formatting trifolds to fit all the required and desired text is certainly a challenge. It ends with a lot of consistent and tight paragraph styles. It is important when there is going to be lots of text to add in hierarchy to break it up and give the eye some structure.
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