OverQualified is an organization that raises money through running based fundraisers. It is made up of people who are doing the most for those around them. Single mothers who still find time to train and run the Boston marathon for others, people who work three jobs but still find ways to give to charity. 
This ended up a concept branding project with a client I worked on Charity Teams branding for. Though this project stayed a concept the Charity Teams branding is available to check out here: CharityTeams
As well as the CharityTeams Website
Draft phase
A large part of this project was trying to get the exact energy and level of professionalism down. Finding a logo to represent athlete's who have lots going on in their own life while still representing the athletic side took some drafts. A big theme seen is the infinity symbol motif as well as the idea of a running track. 
Final Outcome
A logo that presents a lot of dimension and implies a realness to it with that 3D style. Also fashioned in a minimal way to show the O and the Q in the same logo. The word mark uses a custom font that has a lot of forward moving energy. As for the colors the logo can only be in grayscale or blue to preserve the 3D effect. The wordmark has an additional black variant for when that is applicable.
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