A collection of animation work I have done for clients and some just for fun! Most use an Illustrator to After Effect pipeline but some are also done in Cinema 4D

A motion advertisement and logo lockup for a horror story reading podcast

A short graphics package for a podcast on the different perspective of games and entertainment. Includes an intro animation, a logo, a vamping rest screen and screen-wipe. ( last screen is the example games artwork)

A campfire scence created in Cinema 4D for a 1 hour challenge.

An intro scene done in Cinema 4D, for a digital Dungeon and Dragon series

A freelance commission digital animation done in After Effects and Illustrator, based on the show Steven Universe

An animation study and practice of  hayao miyazaki style of movement, sketched and scanned in

A lofi style beat and quick animation loop. Created with illustrator and After effect as well as logic x pro for the music

A 3D rendered Be right back animation for Jenna and Juliens Twitch Stream

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