A collection of usually shorter form illustration and branding projects done for clients or just for the practice.
Poster Design
Based off a pop culture show called community this was a poster intended to match a pre existing poster. The ideas was to give this poster its own identity while matching a poster made by another artist so they could be displayed like a set. 
Original poster: Blanketsburg
Realtor Logo Creation
Creating a series of logos to choose from for an independent realtor and her business. The design was to be sophisticated but approachable for young couples. This was achieved by color choice and typography. 
Twitch Graphics Package
A set of deliverables and branding to be used by live streamers on the platform Twitch. This includes a banner image for the channel, a logo mark and set of badges to be displayed next to patrons names.
Song as type
Exploring the visualization of sound and music by creating a typographic map based on the translation of two short segments from a piece of music. Based on "Aunt Leslie" by Vulfpeck
First segment       Second segment
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