"That always happens sometimes" is a mantra or saying of my family to help say let go of the unexpected and things you cant control. This project aims to represent that mantra's importance and spirit that I found crucial my first year at college.
Paraphrasing of text in picture: I spill my coffee and say "that always happens sometimes". A phrase that before I had gone to college thought was just a funny contradiction. However now I see it as a trusty tool my family gave me to get through hard days. There are always going to be things out of your control. But you can control your own emotion, if you can shrug off the bad with a "that always happens sometimes" and accept the good than that sounds like a better day to me. 
The picture was created in a practical way. Burying a wood cutout of the mantra under the snow and spilling coffee to reveal the wood just enough. Photo editing was used in post to remove wood grain and keep the illusion that coffee spelled out the words.
There were numerous other ideas and a messy brainstorming process as well as other photos I decided to not use for the final cut. (pictured below)
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