"YES YOU CAN!" A great motto for an even greater company. One of the best foundations I have had the privilege to work with. Team Hoyt started as a Dick Hoyt (father) agreed to push Rick Hoyt (son) in a wheelchair for a 5 mile fundraiser.  Rick would say later that night “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.”  The foundation raises money and runs races all over the country to spread the "Yes you can" attitude. 
Team Hoyt Branding
The branding for Team Hoyt became a study of the organizations roots and how to embody that visually. The silhouettes are to be inclusive of all types of people running for the same goal. The colors took heavy inspiration from Boston's sports teams where the organization was founded. And finally the structure of the logo lockup is to highlight the wheel of Rick Hoyts racing chair.  
The logo can be used in a variety of different ways and colors depending on the context
Some of the early inspiration and even a paper drawing from one of the Hoyt's as a concept
Hoyt Foundation Branding
A small subrand was also created for Team Hoyt's new branch company the Hoyt Foundation. It was kept very visually similar and with the same availability of colors to keep with the Team Hoyt Brand. The logo lockup is actually and inverse of the Team Hoyt logo.
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